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How do you prefer collecting your payments?

I know there's been a few topics on this particular subject, but thought I'd ask again.

For those that have small operations, how do you collect your payments?

I'm still doing a bunch of research before I jump into the lawn industry so I have lots of questions. I've been debating on requiring pre-payments on all recurring services to ensure I have the money to pay my bills.

I had intentions of making clients either pre-pay a month in advance, or at least leave payments in an envelope outside for my retrieval before I would even attempt to mow their yard to ensure I got paid, (assuming they'd be at work/errands and not at home). No money, no mow.

Then I got to thinking. If they pre-paid a months worth and a service got delayed due to weather, obviously I would credit that service towards their next months payment. However, for those that opted to pay before each service...what would I do then? Here they've got a check waiting outside and it may be a couple of days before I can get over there to mow because of rain -- and then when I do get over there to mow, there may be no money since they didn't know when I was going to get over there.

Do ya'll kind of operate in a similar fashion, or do you just send a monthly bill and hope they pay on time?
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