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Originally Posted by adam.neusbaum View Post
The set-screws on the outside drive shaft bearing pillow-blocks loosened allowing the Right side facing drive chain to rub behind the wheelwell & the masterlink came apart. With a new one ($2) it was back together. Something to keep an eye on.
During my hour lunch-break today I aerated a small corner-lot but afterward was told their phone just went out. Was only at 300 psi too. I suggested it must not have been buried to code, apologized & just made it back to the office 1 minute over. I hate rushing thru a job.
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I had a customer call me last month and tell me their internet went out right after I left. Said Charter came out and the cable was "shredded" and that the customer would be responsible. I told them no way, had to have been buried too shallow. Sure enough, Charter backed down and admitted it was't buried deep enough.

I'm working on mounting up a Lesco Truckster that I bought off of Ebay. Brand new still in the box for $325 shipped!
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