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I only offer monthly billing after a relationship is established & I feel they will pay the bill. I have a mix of payment situations. 10 pay per visit, 2 pay biweekly & 3 get monthly billing. Alot of my per visits & both biweekly were offered billing but they like not having bill for 4 mowings, sometimes 5 a month. I have offered prepay for the month but nobody seems to want to do that, as it would be the same as monthly bill, big payment in their eyes.

My 3 monthly billings pay quick. I mow Sat & Sun & deliver bill on last mowing of month. 85yr old lady comes out gets bill & rights check while I'm mowing, then leaves it in door for me. The other 2 mail out ASAP & i have check before end of week, usually Wed.

The bi weekly payees do this cuz of their paydays. They like to pay for 2 mowings each payday.

You have to use your gut instincts on mowing or not if payment is not there. Communication is key. If you know they want mowed & they forgot to leave payment, mow it if you trust them.
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