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Originally Posted by DVS Hardscaper View Post
You can cut a 6" radius with a table saw.

Don't believe me? Kinda a busy week for me here. But within the next 10 days I'll post a picture. The pic may not quite be 6", but you'll get the idea. It wont help you with your dilema, but it'll show you that it's very possible

With that said, I try to find ways to avoid doing cuts like that. Seems like a big deal to us contractors, but 3 yrs from now no one will care about the cut.

Lol yea Ill bet anything your right about that. I'll also bet that table saw trick isn't the easiest either. It kinda of reminds me of when we did round decks, our facia board had to bend, so we cut out notches in the whole back of the board until it would, well....bend, than we could nail it on.

The way I see a table saw cutting a radius is cutting lines through to the radius until you can start to carefully chip away with the blade and smooth it out, jmo. But I think im wrong.
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