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In my service area there are two suburbs that I mainly target for my business, along with several other close ones. The two that I mentioned have about 40K houses (not townhomes, etc, but houses.) My goal is to hit these houses once, maybe twice with fliers, dropping them in the newspaper box with prices listed on the fliers. The houses in these suburbs are basically post-stamp lots. Around 8-12k sq ft before improvements. The houses are usually from 2-3K sq ft with a few thousand sq. ft. of landscaping, etc. plan is to drum up a lot of business, and if I have to either sub out or just turn down work. My question is, well more of a request for advice on my idea with fliers, etc. I'd like to door hang them but that will cost a lot more than driving around and inserting in newspaper boxes. Marketing claims 1-3 % response rate with maybe half of those as actual confirmed deals. I know this is a loaded thread and a lot could be said on just being able to handle the calls coming in, etc; but I would like as much info. on the flier advice, although I would appreciate any advice.

Thank you.
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