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Christmas Lights PITA...WWYD?

Have a long term customer. Kind of a pain in the ass but lots of work and pays good. I've been doing her Christmas lights for 10 years and every year we breakers flip b/c she refuses to buy LED lights and we strand over 150-200 strands. It's a game to try and get each section to a certain area and end up having to route stuff different ways to keep from blowing. Mind you she only has 2 outlets in the area and have to use 2 from her garage (4000 sq ft house dumb if you ask me).

So it blew a couple days later but when she calls me to tell me lights are out she says a few lights are out...not a whole damn section. I tell her I'll be out the next day to fix. I got sick asked her if coming by the next day would be fine. She said yes. I go by and they are out of town and I can't get in. They get back in town today (2 days later) to find that all the food she'd prepared for Thanksgiving and wine she had imported from Napa valley is ruined b/c no longer cold. She is too mad to talk to me right now and said she wished i would have came by Thursday like I told her I would even after I asked her if coming by saturday was ok (said yes) and not home when I came by.

I'm just curious as to if all the other intelligent people would have enough sense in them that if a whole section of lights was off you'd know a breaker had flipped and to go check it. Not to mention knowing that it is in the area of your freezer. Had she told me a whole section was out rather than a few lights out making me think it was a few strands I would have been able to approach this scenario differently. I'm just uber pissed off right now b/c may have to eat $600 invoice and tell her to **** off. I just don't see this as being my fault at all. It more than likely blew from when their house cleaning lady came by and added more energy to that quadrant causing to blow. My wife has blown ours by vacuuming and having too much stuff on and had enough sense to go out and check and flip back even though all lights were still on (it turned out to be same on as our garage freezer and saved our stuff).
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