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Need a new trimmer

Hey all I was looking to get a new string trimmer and have come up at a stalemate. I own 2 properties and also help out my wife's grandparents with their home. My property is real lightweight, the Grandparents home gets up there in growth and the 3rd home gets the least frequent attention. I want to keep the budget around $300 or less. So far I have come down to the Echo SRM 230 ($260), Husqvarna 223l ($225), and the Stihl FS70 ($300) or FS90 ($320). My last trimmer was a mac and it was god awful to start and had little power. I have a echo SRM210 in the garage but it is missing the guard, and the cover, trigger, and safety is all busted up as well as I believe it was run extensively without oil (Supposed professional with a drug problem) and it has a lot of shake in it when throttled so I would rather not take my chances with parts and repairs. I would estimate that I would use it about 8-10 times a month, but our "weekend" home takes a few hours of trimming each time. The Grandparents' home is another hour as well so I don't want a POS like the MAC. I have found a few others around the web but always end up being limited by the CA thing.. I have friends in the box stores which is why the price reflects so but I really hate to give either ****** company my money. I worked for both so I know lol. The Stihl I am just going off the MSRP of my local dealer I get linked to from the site as I haven't had time to get over there in person so I don't know if those prices are set in stone... Any help would be appreciated
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