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Originally Posted by herler
Don't even waste your time.
On getting a blower?

He is, they're so worthless that by taking the muffler off you might get the power you need out of one.
Got it, thanks.

Originally Posted by hi_speedreed
If you are willing to spend that kind of money, why don't you get a price on having it done for you. Saves time, money, and were tear on equipment. I'm sure you have a local guy who is willing to blow leaves for you.
I have gotten quotes on other things, and the people around here are astronomical. Maybe it's my locale. Costs would add up getting it done year after year also.

If I could find a quality landscape/lawn person who would do a good job and not rake me over the coals, that'd be one thing. But I'm getting quotes of $700 for pest control, $3500 to run a skidsteer for a couple days etc. Maybe the lawn business is different though.
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