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What Do You Do With The Old Fixtures?

So now that LED technology has come along so much, I'm starting to get a fair number of jobs where we're pulling out existing nice, commercial grade lighting systems. Like Kichler, Unique, Nightscaping, etc. jobs that were done maybe 5-10 years ago but I've convinced the client to ditch that one in lieu of a completely new integrated LED system. So I'm basically removing a few dozen fixtures that are still in pretty decent shape. Especially brands like Unique that are solid brass and have a lifetime warranty on them. I can't throw those away! Those are nice fixtures! But I also can't sell them. For one, it's a conflict of interest. I truly believe the light fixtures I am selling now are way better in a lot of ways than these. So why would I sell someone something I really don't believe in anymore when I know I've got something better? Second reason is they are used now. Sometimes they look like they're still in great shape. But I'm not typically in the business of installing used fixtures. Seems a little cheesy.

So that brings me to my point; what the heck do you do with perfectly good halogen bulb outdoor lighting fixtures after you've done a complete replacement?

I tried the local construction recycling places. Those places have more LV light fixtures than they know what to do with. They weren't interested in taking any more.

I guess I could polish them up and sell them on eBay....... Just wondering what the rest of you guys do in this case.
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