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Originally Posted by 1idejim View Post
You have me confused? I thought that decks were designed to protect the blades from the introduction of exterior hazards and protect the clumbsy and clueless from the blades? Wouldn't do well to have the deck higher than the blade, I didn't realize that Fl was exempt from that line of reasoning.

Another way of looking at a mower is from the home owners point of view. A mower is a machine (much like a car or tractor) and the operator is responsible for damages incurred from improper or unsafe use of the machine. Seems that the LCO should do everything in its power to avoid the heads, including slowing down or using a lighter weight machine or weight distributing tires in known situations. The problem with that theory is the operator might have to pay attention to what he is doing.

I do wish you the best of luck but i'd rather see you bump your head than bump your thread, use a little class. If your product needs a slap on the back, someone wil slap it for you.

Again, best of luck to you!
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From the top, the deck is below the mower blades (closer to the ground).

My maintenance company is not responsible for damage as a result of improperly installed irrigation components; above grade for example, or not on swing pipe.

With 60" decks, it's not always possible or practical to run a slalom course around sprinkler heads, most of which can't be seen anyway.

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