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Originally Posted by Sprinkler Buddy View Post
Most don't mow @ 1 1/2" or lower? It installs well below the cutting height that most of us cut at. The sprinkler head itself remains at grade level. It doesn't work if one cuts their lawn like a putting green or a fair way. When installed it's no different than the sprinkler donuts your familiar with except the Sprinkler Buddy doesn't sink in the ground over time and it prevents grass from taking root between the indicator and sprinkler head itself. Requiring much less maintenance long term.
The deck can hit it, tires, casters, weed whackers, heavy traffic, etc. 1.5" above grade can represent a tripping hazard.

Bent grass, Bermuda, Kentucky Blue, Centipede, Rye, Zoysia all cut to 1.5" (+ or-)

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