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Originally Posted by herler View Post
Well, those kind of quotes along with everything else I'm reading and seeing lead me to believe you want something for nothing.

Now you come in here ask us what we think...
You need $500 for a decent backpack blower.
That's what I think.

People will hem and haw over it, but this, but that, blablabla, they all want the best for less, it never ends with the cheapness.
A Backpack blower is designed to last 20 years, this assumes the operator takes care of his equipment, it assumes nobody ever runs straight fuel in it, it assumes the equipment will see some kind of regular maintenance, all in all that is assuming a lot but for $500 and a bit of maintenance and annual upkeep they really do last a long, long time.
Save $$$ here and get a $300 blower, trying to save a dollar you still won't have what you need.
For a backpack blower, you need to spend $500.

In the meantime ...

You could always rent a 8 to 10 hp push blower and be done in 1-2 hours, take you half a day running it back and forth to the rental place but all in all you should come out just south of $100 and that takes care of the leaves this year.

Then, start saving $$$ for next fall.
Doesn't everyone want something for nothing? Even you buy refurbished stuff because it's cheaper. It's funny because you tell everyone else that they should spend $500 on a blower yet you look for the cheap stuff.
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