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Originally Posted by herler View Post
Well stop trying to "push" the leaves with your throttle arm, it's a psychological malady that bp users develop when using the blower, people think they have to "push" the leaves with it and that causes the muscles to tense up which then results in the discomfort you speak of, try and let the blower do the work as that should help ease tension.
Thing is the problem is with my left arm and shoulder, the handle and blower pipe are on the right. If anything, supporting the blower pipe with my right hand lessens the weight on that side and my right shoulder. But yeah, I do think I have a problem with my left shoulder somehow. Been that way for years with a blower, doesn't seem to bother me though with a BP sprayer.

Thanks Darryl for that information. The 580 does have a lot more padding as well as the waist belt. Unfortunately it doesn't look like the frame would be interchangeable with the RM.
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