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Originally Posted by darryl gesner View Post
Dave - You might find this helpful...popular mechanics review of blowers.
Thanks for that link, I actually came across that last night when I was researching the different models.

Originally Posted by herler View Post
Well, those kind of quotes along with everything else I'm reading and seeing lead me to believe you want something for nothing.

Now you come in here ask us what we think...
You need $500 for a decent backpack blower.
That's what I think.
Again, the first part of your post is innacurate, and as I stated, I never brought business into this until it was suggested I hire out the work. I'm looking for a product, not a service. Please don't read me wrong. I'm not here to knock your profession, I'm just looking for equipment.

The second part is informative; I did ask what people think. I (incorrectly) thought that a $300-$400 range would provide a good middle-of-the-road cost for a product, above the handhelds and low CC/CFM/MPH backpacks, and below the higher priced commercial-grade units.

Originally Posted by herler View Post
Refurbished items did just cross my mind but if you can find a good refurbished blower for $300 you should
buy it already because you also need to consider we're looking for a leaf blower, in the fall!
Try finding this same blower around February if you want a deal.
July and August are good months as well, maybe September.

But you try and find a backpack blower "cheap" in the fall, that's like all the folks running out
to try and find a generator because a hurricane is on the radar, who are all these folks kidding?

You want to find a deal, you need to buy it during the off season.

Here are two I could scare up on short notice but they're no deal, just the best I could find:

Now I did find a 560BTS new for $400, it's about a 500 cfm blower...

On a bonus note, give it two months if you want to find deals on generators.
Bet you can find some power generator sales around 15.Jan-28.Feb !

Make a note of it so you don't forget.
Much better, thank you!
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