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Originally Posted by jvanvliet View Post

My maintenance company is not responsible for damage as a result of improperly installed irrigation components; above grade for example, or not on swing pipe.

With 60" decks, it's not always possible or practical to run a slalom course around sprinkler heads, most of which can't be seen anyway.
My point exactly! "most "NONE" of which can't be seen anyway" Doesn't really matter the size of the deck if they can't be seen, one will run them over with the tires and sometimes break them even with swing pipe and at grade level.

Funny how lawn guys always seem to blame it on the installers by saying it wasn't properly installed, "It's not my fault". The installer often blames it on the lawn guy, he was mowing to short, etc... "It's not my fault".

The homeowner often is the one flipping the bill while saying: "It's not my Fault"

It's no ones fault much of the time, damage is going to continue occasionally if they can't be seen. Period!

SB is not a tripping hazard, it's flexible. Step on it it goes down, get off it, it goes back up. With the use of swing pipe, one could put the SB even lower by having the sprinkler head below grade a little when installed so one can mow even lower if they wanted too. Those that do mow @ 1 1/2" or lower have their sprinkler heads below grade so they seldom have issues with them other than the sand wearing them out prematurely. SB can help those heads as well.

Many of you pros here don't like the look, in a perfect world I wouldn't either. Unlike many of you that aren't responsible for the heads your mowers break I have always felt a since of responsibility to fix something that wasn't broke until I broke it. I don't feel I'm the one to blame but the installer has been long gone and the homeowner knows they didn't do it.

With $$$ not coming out of my own pocket anymore, makes me like the look. With most lawn guys saying "it's not my fault" and installers saying "it's not my problem anymore, your system is out of warranty now."

Like it or not many homeowners will like the look as well because it reduces $$$ out of their own pocket. Those that don't like the look will continue to call you as often as they do now or continue to fix them themselves as many do as well.
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