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Originally Posted by Nitroman View Post
Iíve met some great professors from Ohio State University and they would disagree with you. They kind of wrote the bible for turf care in your state. I would go to some of their training courses. Best of luck

I guess it doesn't matter who you know at OSU. I have been going to OSU conferences and field days for seven years and can honestly say I have NEVER heard them make a recommendation on apps. With that said I also have an agronomy degree and area of study in Turf Science.

I am saying that to say this:
I do whats best for my customers lawns. Yeah maybe from a business standpoint I could make more off them...but I choose not to.

Our program has done a great job for us and there are also many other LCO's in our areas that off the same program. If it didn't work I think its safe to say Lawn Plus wouldn't be where we it is today.

Now for the facts:

Read this:

Key point:

"Most homeowners place too much emphasis on spring and summer fertilization. Some fertilizer is needed during the spring and summer; however, over-application of fertilizer at these times can cause disease, rapid growth requiring much more frequent mowing and other problems that result in "summer lawn nightmares."

Too bad most LCO's think like homeowners!

Both Ohio and Purdue recommend 4 fertilization apps a year. And say you can add a summer fertilization but to be careful.

Here is what Purdue (From you state) says:

Key point:

"Most turf fertilizer programs are constructed around an annual N requirement which varies depending upon the ownerís desired appearance, turf vigor and resources available to manage growth. A mature cool-season (e.g. bluegrass or fescue) lawn will typically receive 2-4 pounds of actual N/1000 sq ft/yr, spaced over 2-5 applications."
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