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I think the safest route would be to spray any of the synthetic auxin products you mentioned, but watch the label and the weather carefully. Products with 2,4-D, MCPA, and MCPP have heavier restrictions about wind speed and drift than they used to. With this being the windier time of year in much of the southeast, it may make application difficult.

Using non-selectives can be tricky in the fall and winter, because what looks dormant may not always be dormant. There may still be some green tissue down in the canopy or in some random spots that trap heat and keep their color. As some guys have mentioned here, if there's even a little bit of green tissue left, you're going to see damage in the spring. Even if the lawn is 95% dormant, you can still get some damage. I don't like using non-selectives because of the opportunity to damage something you didn't want to spray in the first place.

So, I would say grab whatever synthetic auxin product you're most comfortable with, watch the weather, and spray those weeds!
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