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Originally Posted by Kiril View Post

1) Might help you avoid hitting a sprinkler assuming it is visible and you see it in time


1) Eyesore
"In the eyes of the beholder."
2) Tripping hazard, leading to potential law suit
Negative, unlike the similar products sold on the market already, SB is made from a flexible material and bends if weight is applied to it.
3) Will fill up with yard debris and soil, leading to increased maintenance assuming you want to keep it visible
This is true, it does require some maintenance but far less maintenance than its competition and a lot less maintenance and $$$ than having to replace the sprinkler head all together.
4) Doesn't do anything to physically protect the sprinkler
This is also true but us lawn guys seem to miss the mail boxes most of the time because we can see them as you can see the sprinkler heads with the Sprinkler Buddy to avoid them.
5) Becomes an issue when mowing low
Does not work on a putting green, don't use if you have one. Most don't!
6) If not UV stabilized plastic then limited life expectancy
Has the highest UV protection throughout, expectancy greater than the life of sprinkler head.
7) If it is as flexible as you claim, then it will potentially sink right along with the sprinkler
Sprinkler heads do occasionally need to be brought back up to grade level with the use of swing pipe or risers as the lawn matures. All other products like mine sink at a much faster rate than the sprinkler heads themselves making them ineffective soon after putting them in.

Notice how the Sprinkler Buddy can be custom fitted to walls and driveways if needed and it also supports itself in midair, try that with any other product.

No magic involved, it really is holding itself up without any support from below. Now imagine it being completely supported by the earth/dirt below when installed. That's where the custom fit really comes into play and why my product requires much less maintenance than the competition. It doesn't sink like the competition!
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