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i don't mind long hours.. i just prefer them to be during the day.

what i've decided to do is put in a two week notice at my job at the end of december (so i can still get my christmas bonus). the overnight shift just isn't working out for me anymore with trying to get this business going as well as the negative effects its having on my family. 11pm to 7a.m. would be gravy, i would be able to handle it.. 11pm to noon the next day, its just not gonna work (no time to do anything..) i wanted to stick it out so i could use all the extra money i was making to put into my advertising for the upcomming season.. but what good is that gonna do me if i can't even answer the phone because i'm either working or sleeping.. i have been working on my website and seo to try to pick up customers that way. i picked up some customers in the fall that way, and i'm hoping i can pick up more that way this spring.

i took a few days off last month to spend with my family, and it is amazing how clear i was thinking and how better my outlook was and how better i could communicate with people.. just by getting a good nights sleep (6 or 7 hours) and waking up like a normal person in the morning. i rarley ever feel normal anymore working on the night shift. i think its gonna workout.. leaving that life behind is probally gonna be the best thing i ever did.. its gonna be a rough start, but i'll figure it out.. i got a good plan in place, and backup plan, and backup plan for that.. lol.

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