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Originally Posted by Lazer Cut View Post
I'd say for every 5 customers i got with fliers or postcards... 4 was from my fliers.

not sure if it was psychological "expensive looking postcard, means expensive company..." either way as I'm starting back up I am going to do the same method this up coming season and really track my results
That brings up question. Will most people automatically assume that an expensive card is expensive service? I would think most of the time a resounding yes...but that's me.

There was a guy on here that advertised with his prices on his fliers. Anyways another LCO chimed in and said his fliers were better...The guy said he wasn't in the business of the best looking flier only building a business. The point was that the original guy's flier wasn't flashy, but it was straight to the point with advertised prices and his timing to distribute the fliers was at the right time.

I'm going to give this a shot. What do you think about my originally plan? Two main suburbs that 90% of my business is in have about 40K homes. I plan on hitting them once, maybe twice.
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