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yea i did... i did a round of my post cards... waited a week... then a round of fliers... so essentially double advertising... then when i would have phone calls i would ask which one worked best... i only was up and running for 4 years... so what i did was advertise with post cards then fliers just to experiment which one worked best... my final year i just advertised with my post cards then a couple months into the season advertised with fliers again... still the fliers worked for the all areas i serviced... even the over half million mark of homes responded to the flier more so than my post card... if i had a file of each i'd share it on here but i dont...

but when i did my experiment yes i did double advertise within a week or two period to the same houses... might have cost me a lot of wasted advertisment but at least i know now what works in what neighborhoods and for my company back then... I am going to start back up where i currently live (hour north of where i used to live) and I am going to use the same style... fliers and postcards and see what works best up here
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