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Originally Posted by Kiril View Post
GM, while you are correct, the OP did state clogged filters due to dirt and sand, which suggests demand is exceeding the wells recharge rate.
Read it again, he said the filters on the spray heads are clogged with dirt and sand.

Originally Posted by shadetreelawns View Post
I service a HOA that the irrigation system is on a well. I am constantly having spray heads that the filters are stopped up. Most of the spray nozzles Hunter Pro sprays and I have tried some MP Rotors. I will remove the nozzles and they are covered with dirt/sand. I will turn the system back on with a nozzle removed and I will get a clump of dirt shoot out of the head. What can be done about this? Is there a filter that can be placed on the pump? What other suggestions do you have? Thanks
That pump must be sucking the a$$ out of that well to produce clumps of dirt. I'd still check the water at the pump before making major investments in the well when the problem could merely be dirt in the line.

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