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I don't like doing that because one house is different from the next... per say though in a particular place say neighborhood A all the houses were almost exact and you had an average cut of $35 a cut... so then when you advertise in that neighborhood you could put starting at $35 a cut!... but then again some people would scare away from that... then if you put say starting at $25 a cut and try to upsell them on why the flier says $25 and you're in front of them saying thats based on xyz its really a $35 per cut you're going to piss them off lol... thats the only problem i have with advertising with price... im in insurance and i have people call all day with i was quoted x then i re-run the quote now its higher then they get all pissed off well this paper says x now you're quoting me blah blah... loses you customers pretty easily
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