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Originally Posted by kbrashears View Post
Good grief. Glyphosate can be a growth regulator. I've sprayed it on Bermuda at rates near 1 oz per k during growing seasons and the Bermuda yellowed out then came back. Not once have I had an issue of dead spots spraying gly at 46-64oz per acre from mid December through the breaking of the willow tree buds.
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I agree. I treat about 90% bermuda here. Almost all the rest is zoysia. We've had some heavy frosts/freezes the last couple weeks and today I saw some bermuda areas I would spray with glyphos and not bat an eyelash. There are some areas like up close to the homes where it is still green that need a couple more weeks of overnight freezes before I'd feel comfortable spraying but bermuda will come out just fine next spring. Now...zoysia is a different story. I won't spray it at any time with glyphos for weeds. In more northern climates, I've heard of zoysia being sprayed with glyphos with no harmful effects. At least in this area, zoysia does not go dormant enough. Growth habits of zoysia can make the effect of any turf injury almost disastrous. and I have seen damage in the past by homeowners and LCO's alike from the use of Glyphos in "dormant" zoysia.
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