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Originally Posted by CL&T View Post
Thing is the problem is with my left arm and shoulder, the handle and blower pipe are on the right. If anything, supporting the blower pipe with my right hand lessens the weight on that side and my right shoulder. But yeah, I do think I have a problem with my left shoulder somehow. Been that way for years with a blower, doesn't seem to bother me though with a BP sprayer.
I would believe the discomfort that comes from "pushing" the leaves with the throttle hand would manifest itself in the same side shoulder as the throttle hand, I still find it strange... You know, I'm the kind I fit myself a hand held blower in my left hand just to get the job done quicker, now I'm all about that and I just work it hard so I don't even think about the pain, not sure if that's a great solution either but I got tired of it, always the stiffness, I figured heck with it lets just get it over with lol

Just trying to help, good luck with that.
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