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Originally Posted by herler View Post
I would believe the discomfort that comes from "pushing" the leaves with the throttle hand would manifest itself in the same side shoulder as the throttle hand, I still find it strange... You know, I'm the kind I fit myself a hand held blower in my left hand just to get the job done quicker, now I'm all about that and I just work it hard so I don't even think about the pain, not sure if that's a great solution either but I got tired of it, always the stiffness, I figured heck with it lets just get it over with lol

Just trying to help, good luck with that.
If you really want to get done faster wear 2 backpack blowers, one on your chest and one on your back or use a wheel blower at the same time as a backpack blower. I've even been known to use 2 backpack blowers and the wheel blower at the same time. Of course none of that is going to help a sore shoulder, lol. Now I'm trying to figure out a way to attach a handheld blower to my leg at the same time...I'm thinking that velcro is probably the answer...bungie cord didn't work so well.
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