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Originally Posted by jrs.landscaping View Post
So do you net 100 PH or gross 100 PH....? I'm a little confused. If you're grossing $100 PMH are there some tips to getting rates to that level?
I gross 100ph, mowing, while doing clean ups, I price most of them so I will gross 100/hr if I do it on my own with no help usually, but I usually do my clean ups with 1 or 2 other people. much quicker that way. I've had my pricing this way for a quite a few years, I sure as heck don't make anywhere near 19 per hour after everything is deducted, do you? I will say if I do my lawn solo, as in I cut and do the trimming then I go down to grossing 60hr or even a little less for some lawns. still a far cry from 19hr like soloscaper was saying. If that's what he was getting after he deducted for everything then I completely understand him taking his job, but that is his fault for under bidding all his jobs.
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