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Originally Posted by rdelahunr View Post
I'm a high school student and am starting my lawn care business next summer. I will be a senior next year and will be going off to college after that. When I go to college in the fall or if grass starts growing early here in MN my brother will have to take care of the work, but the problem is that he is in football in the fall, so he will have to work on the weekends and will most likely not want to do fall cleanups due to the extra labor required. Will I lose customers by telling them I cannot do fall cleanups? I have an LCO that I purchased my mower from who is a good guy and will not steal customers that I would be willing to recommend to my customers. I won't have too many as I'm doing this for extra money and am unsure on how many will want additional services such as fall cleanups anyway, so if you know roughly what percent of your customers want cleanups that number would be helpful. Also, if there are only a few that want cleanups then I'm sure my brother can handle a small amount, but I need to know the best methods. Tarping seems like a lot of labor, so it's between buying a bagger or renting a leaf vac. What would you recommend?

All your help is appreciated.

Where in MN do you live?
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