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Originally Posted by yardguy28 View Post
my advice to you personally after reading your post is get out and take the other job asap.

the businesses we own are for the sole purpose of generating money for our income to live off of. the moment we feel we need to stay in business or be in business to help this person or that person out is the moment we need to get out in my opinion.

I own and run a solo business for 2 reasons and 2 reasons only. the first is to make money and the second is because its work I love doing. I'd drop it in a heart beat if the right amount of money and job came along. there is no being hurt because of this client or that client.

clients are nothing more than people who pay me to do work on there property. no deals or discounts are made for certain ones. everyone pays the same price. if they can't afford it, find someone else. once I go out of business it's there responsibility to find a replacement. It's not my concern who gets upset with what I offer, don't offer or am going to stop offering.

we need to keep business, business and stop mixing it with pleasure and trying to be friends with our clients. we don't owe our clients anything more than quality, dependable service at the price we give them. we should never be thinking what about this old lady, what will happen to her if I go out of business. that not your problem.

just my 2 cents.
he did take the job. I agree to an extent, I try to keep business just that but sometimes things a get a little mixed, but not to the point where my feelings would hurt if someone i was friends with dropped me or I dropped them for any reason. But I do go out with some of customers, no issues for me.
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