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My terms are 10 or closer to the curb and off of the street as much as possible. Iv got a 16hp billy goat loader with 10in intake. 90% of my work is with in 2 miles of my house so i know what every yard looks like. Ill quote a price range giving me $30 of float over the phone. or give exact price at door. Takes me 30min to do a small yard and iv taken 2 hrs on a 300ftx6ftx8ft ($300) pile. My minimum price is $75 per pile and i go up from there. Normally it ends up being 50-60% of the full job price - for me to clean everything out from the beds and from all of the yard.

I have had very minimum problems with trash and stick. I know almost all my customer on a first name basis which helps. Honestly i just leave the trash behind and haul off the few sticks that may get in. At the end of the day a small pile of sticks isnt going to break my bank. $10 bucks at the dump on the way home after making a $1000 or more is stupid to argue over. If someone calls me out on leaving the trash i simply explain im not Wast Management and they usually stop their compliant there.
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