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Originally Posted by JimmyTheGlove View Post
Seriously? You are missing the point ENTIRELY, Kiril. Not everyone has a "PROPERLY INSTALLED SYSTEM". I sure as hell don't. So your suggestion to me would be to tear up my lawn and redo the system to keep me from breaking my sprinkler heads? Maybe that is the root of the problem but that's not an easy or inexpensive solution to the problem.
Am I? You have to dig up the sprinkler to install this gadget. Why not just replace the damn sprinkler with the proper materials and installation method if you are going to go that far? Hmmmmmmm ..........

Originally Posted by JimmyTheGlove View Post
Secondly, Kiril, you have no first-hand experience with the Sprinkler Buddy so I'm definitely going to take the "Irrigation Tutorials" dude's word before yours because he has actually tried it. Why would anyone listen to someone's review when that person hasn't even used the product? It's okay to question things but you're doing more than that. You're making assumptions without even trying it. You bash on SB for not backing up his claims but you're standing on no proof yourself. That guy at Irrigation Tutorials actually put his money where his mouth is. Something you'd never have the b*lls to do.
Good for you Jimmy ... make sure you read the caveat ..... oh and the section where he didn't comment on what happens if you drive over it.
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