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10 yards of black mulch 800-1000lbs per yard. 4 yards of topsoil 2000-2500lbs per yard. 3 yards crusher run 3500lbs per yard. 3 pallets of bricks/stone at 2500lbs per pallet. 3 pallets of sod at 2700 per pallet. I've ordered deliveries on things like sod and blocks but if I need in a pinch it's nice to be able to. I've also done 3 jobs in one day and able to haul 2 different types of mulch for those 3 jobs. Is it full to capacity all the time? No. But having the weight capability and cargo volume is important to me. Why make 2-3 trips when I can make one. Plus I could rent a skid steer an put it in the trailer. Not happening with a 10 footer. Also the debris, leaves, trees are bulky items that need large cargo volume.

Deckover just makes unloading materials easier, picture mulch into wheelbarrows and will dump into a pile. Low profile is easier to load debris and equipment. Low profile is the most popular. You can always sell and upgrade if needed.
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