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Originally Posted by Kiril View Post
I said I have used them, not that I use them now.

Thanks again for answering my questions and addressing my concerns.
Is this what they mean by Flip Flop like in politics. :-) You were so pleased the way cement donuts worked for you even in FL as I recall, Mentioned them twice in fact, very strongly I might add. I don't understand now you say you don't use them at all after you were so pleased with them? I'm confused! Maybe I need to read it again.

Originally Posted by Kiril View Post

A marker flag will do what your product will do. Further I am not all that interested in his reviews as I have some serious reservations about them given some of his other "reviews" that I have read.

You can't mow over a marker flag now can you.

Why not have him re-evaluate the installed product in 5 or 10 years?

Sprinkler heads in troubled areas or not installed properly aren't going to last 5-10 yrs unless they can be seen.

Yes I have used them .... heck even used them in FL. Do they do what they are supposed to do .... yes they do. Do they perform without problems if properly installed ..... yes they do.

Please tell me why a professional like yourself would ever need to use a sprinkler donut, I thought you said a properly installed sprinkler head needs no protection. Bingo!

Also the vast majority of online reviews are from disgruntled pissed off people .... hardly a true measure.

We'll let the homeowners/visitors on this forum decide this one.

As I (and others) have stated numerous times, a properly installed sprinkler needs no additional protection. Same thing goes with a concrete donut ... properly installed they do what they are intended to do without issues. I don't know what you expect coming onto a public forum of professionals, but if you think we are going to swallow your sales pitch without question you got another thing coming.
I say again, Why would a professional like yourself ever bother with concrete donuts. I'm confused now.

This reminds me of a movie. "You want the truth! You can't handle the Truth!"

I apologize it had to come this far but your the one that wouldn't let it go and just "Agree to Disagree" as I have asked countless times. I'm sure we both have entertained many now.
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