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Four Seasons I have been thinking along the same lines, but cheaper.

I like the idea of a loader that is portable, like the Brown (and Hurricane?)

But those guys are using fan blades to "digest" the leaf debris. Wouldn't the serrated blades in some loaders be better, or is that a gimmick? How well would these blowers really function as a loader ?

Shouldn't the loaders be able to function as a blower if you use flexible hose on it instead of using a solid discharge pipe.

So, pay $4000 for a nice big loader, and mount it on something (old mower? ) to make it portable. Flexible hoses on intake and discharge. Now its a proper loader (not a modified blower) and it should be a very powerful blower too.

A little barnyard engineering and you could have a very diverse tool. And save 5K too...
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