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Depends on what the crew is gonna do that day.

For example, lets say I have one crew go out on what I call "Heavy Residential", thats when they mow yards like 1-10 acres. Any bigger than that and I rate it commercial size. But they would get;
F-350 Four door with dump bed
18X7 foot landscaping trailer
one or two 61 inch Turf Tigers
Either a 48 inch Tiger Cub or a 48 inch WB
36 inch SCAG WB
one 21 inch trim mower, usually Toro.
Two or three Echo 260 Trimmers
one Echo PE-260 edger
Two Echo PB-650 blowers
Wheelbarrows, trash cans, Hedgeclippers, etc etc.

The commercial crews get basically the same setup, only switch out the 61 inchers with 72 inch Saber Tooth Tigers, and upgrade all the other mowers up a size or two. (no 21 inch, no 36 inch) I also have two Gooseneck trailers for the crews that need more than two Saber Tooths.

The Residential crews get a Tiger Cub 48 inch, a 36 inch WB, a 32 inch WB, the usual trimmers and blowers and edger, and an F-350 with a smaller 14X6.5 foot trailer.

I am seriously considering selling all the trucks and trailers and going with some Isuzu cabovers. Anybody got advice on those?

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