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Originally Posted by RSK Property Maintenance View Post
looks pretty neat, do you have a lot of customers that use the pay online feature? I think I may try it out. Right now my billing process still involves calling customers, setting up a time when they will be around, then driving to their house, then collecting then usually waiting a few days until i have time to go to the bank then a day later the money clears into my account. Not quite the most cost effective method. but for plowing especially 90% of my customers want to be billed. mowing so far none of them require or care about a bill so I don't bother. Once I get closer to 50 or 60 lawn customers I won't want to drive to each of their houses and collect that will take too long and waste a lot of diesel.
That would suck! I am in the market for a better invoicing system, as of now I bill monthly, include an addressed envelope all they have to do is add a check, stamp and drop it in the mail. I did the collect in person thing my first year and was a paperwork nightmare along with many hours of wasted time.
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