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I Need My Leaves Done by Thanksgiving

A lady calls today at around 4:00 and left a that's late on Monday and she wants a cleanup done by Thursday, Thanksgiving. So that gives me 2 days to get it there's a landscaper around here that after a hurricane causing a massive leaf/stick drop isn't already booked out 2 days or more???

In this case, they have a landscaper but he hasn't shown up for their cleanup yet and they called and he didn't call back. I'm always leary of those...what happens when I'm in progress on the job and he shows up? Anyway, not gonna happen...I'm not bumping my regular customers for one timers, even if they were referred by a regular customer. She was kind of weird on the phone too, refused to give her last name and I had to coax her address out of her. So won't tell me who you are or where you live and you want your cleanup done within 2 days....I just don't know......................
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