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Well 2 strokes are always going to be lighter implements. But I posted a thread not too long ago about the Honda four cycle and its Husky twin. The reason I am intrigued with the Honda/Husky is because I have used a Honda mower for many years (and will likely only use a Honda Mower) and the ease of starting plus the overall refinement is just unbearable. Sounds like you'd be doing much more trimming than me (30-45 min 4-5 a month) so the extra lb or two might be a bit of a disadvantage. Four stroke engines are just much more efficient machines. They operate at lower RPM's so there is less wear and tear. This lower RPM range also generates less heat again adding to the longevity of the machine. Four strokes have superior lubrication/oiling systems. These consist of a sump that holds oil that is much more efficiently dispersed to the inner workings of the engine. This also lends itself to more reliable and durable operation of the equipment. They use less fuel than their two stroke counterparts and have much more torque, which is whats needed when clearing stubborn foliage. And if you want to go even further, the Honda four cycle motors are all CARB certified even in CA as the more efficient combustion cycle creates much less emissions.

So hopefully I have given you something's to think about.
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