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Oh, the last lawn guy hasn't showed up?
That to me is a BIG red flag.

I never thought of the what if he shows up while I'm there but that's a good one too because I've been doing this a long time and I get really tired of that happening to me, mostly because it's happened a lot over the years and please don't tell me I didn't show up on time either, no.

It's got to where anymore I have that attitude just like Jiffy Lube if I take my car to change the oil and filter and they do it, I then drive my car literally across the street to Grease Monkey and tell them to change the oil and filter, guess what?
They're going to change it, and charge me for it, too!

And that's how I look at things, when I get there the work's already done, oh well maybe they want it done twice, and they never called to cancel so I do it and leave a bill... And it can be trouble come time to get paid but I'm ready for that, too!

It is the customer's responsibility to CALL and CANCEL services with the other Lco!
Yes even IF they just quit showing up, the customer still needs to CALL and CANCEL!
More than a few of them don't seem to get that, and nevermind the guy showing up while I'm there.
I don't want to drive all the way out just to see the work's already done!

One other thing...
Customers like that (where the last guy quit showing up), not all of them, but certainly some I end up finding out WHY the last guy quit.

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