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Originally Posted by heritage View Post
Our ground is not frozen as of yet.

As the soils here get colder, less urease activity will let more of the Urea, still in it's non-ionic form be absorbed by the grass roots.

The amount of Urea that DID become Minerilized by the Urease in the colder soils to the Ammonical form of Nitrogen is a Cation and will be held to Anions in the soil and will be available next spring when the soils warm back up.

Then Ammonical N will be converted to Nitrate Anion and be in the soil as a solution and can be used directly by grass roots.

We apply late season N partly for Nitrogen available now, and also for next season.

Late season N applications on our Cool Season Turf means we don't have to apply N with our 1st Round application next spring.

It works, we just have to stick to our new Lower Nitrogen Rate rules, here in New Jersey.......This will allow for less runoff and pollution potential from high rates of N.
That is a pretty optimistic view of the function of fertilizer not being wasted through cold temperatures... Your Nitrate Anion being in solution is exactly why it will not be there for very long and why our drinking water is too full of nitrates to be safe...
With proper hibernation preparation for grass going into dormancy now,,, no one will have to fertilize in the Spring...
In fact the article reinforces what has been said for years; that N first thing in the Spring is actually harmful to the healthy development of the plants... we look at rapid greenup and excessive blade growth in April and say, "Wow, that N application really does a good job!!!" Steriods for are a good thing for Lance Armstrong,,, and Bovine Growth Hormones for milks cows are a good thing too...
Now that I know that clay's texture(platelets) has nothing to do with water infiltration, percolation, or drainage
,,, I wonder what does...
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