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Yup, I have 2 accounts right now that I stopped showing up on....outstanding balances. So yeah, any time a customer tells me that their guy stopped showing up I can't help but wonder why.

She said she had them mow over the summer too and she wasn't very happy with them and will be looking for someone different in the spring...summer....what about fall? It probably hasn't been serviced in some time. I've had customers try to lure me into doing something for them with the promise of all sorts of other work and it rarely happens. I'm not sure I'd even want the mowing account next season...kind of off the beaten path/out of my way.

I could probably squeeze them if I could get my son to help me or do it himself. He's home from college for the holiday but hasn't shown much interest in doing anything before mid afternoon, lol. The only thing that makes me even consider trying to accomodate this potential customer is that it's a referral from a high end customer.
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