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Originally Posted by darryl gesner View Post
No I have not alerted the press. I'm not sure they'd be interested in the story. Jay Leno has not called either....I don't see how he would be aware of this. Hmmmm...reality show....that could be fun. Do you have any contacts so I can follow up on these great ideas?

This is a referral from a good high-end customer, that's why I will see what I can do to help them out. I'll be within a couple miles of their house in a few minutes when I go do a bank run so I'll probably drop in and take a look. I'm always busy, but I always have time to consider opportunities. Maybe they're in enough need to get this done before their guests arrive on Thursday that they're willing to pay a priority service surcharge?

If I had the contacts I probably would use them myself. You could always go to an area where they shoot shows and stalk them. Can't remember the exact state your in.

I would get pre payment if it were me
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