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if you are unsure if it is a stainless connector, then go ahead and replace it. you may even try and solder it on as well. this was the kohler repair back in the day. Is the starter bolt black or shiny? if it is black, then clean it very well with a wire brush and try and get most of that coating off. if it is shiny you should be fine. I would also for peace of mind, remove an engine mounting bolt from underneath the machine and grind the paint away and reinstall the bolt to make sure you have a good ground patch. At the same time, follow the negative ground cable from the battery to the frame, remove it from the frame, and grind the frame to bare metal there as well and reinstall. You see, in 2002 walker started using powder coat as well and that did cause some ground issues as well. You just need to make sure that all of these things are addressed and i think you will come out okay.
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