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I L L E G A L S used to work well for me when I worked in the construction industry. These guys were legit, bona fide mexicans with boots, sombreros, tacos...the whole 9 yards. These guys worked their @$$es off for 50 bucks a day. Now, from what I understand, this practice is frowned upon these days. BUT the Mexicans worked circles around the day labor guys. I just gave them cash and dropped them off at Wallyworld when they were done. Every single day labor guy I used was terrible, but I had to leave them unsupervised and trust they'd actually work. I guess if they were right with you or a trusty site boss, it'd work out OK.

Charging a fee if you hired on of their workers???? Is this Russia or something? Tell the labor office to F O and you can hire anyone you want, whenever you want.
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