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I have owned 3 walkers over the years, 1st one was a 1996 Mt20 GHS with 48" deck, second was a 2005 MT26 with 48" deck and the third was a 2008 MB18 with 42" mulch deck. I would not recommend buying a walker that is from the 90's just because the walker mechanic at my dealer who went to school just to work on walkers said so. Something about the blowers are smaller and the older mowers have to many problems and he was right, i bought the mower used and had to get the motor rebuilt a month after i bought it with 1400 hours on the machine. I sold the mower with 1800 hours and the guy who bought it had to put a new motor in it shortly after. The air intake on the older machines is in the rear sucking in all the dust the hopper blows out. The MT26 has 2400 hours on it and i have not had one problem with it. It gets great fuel economy being an EFI and even gets better fuel economy than the MB model we have with the 18hp Kohler. The MB18 is a mulching only mower and it cuts grass just as well as the GHS models at half the price new. The only down fall with this mower is that it does not mulch leaves worth a crap. They cut amazing, they handle great, i can go up and down inclines with no problem. Walker has the market for finishing mowers and there is a reason for it. No other company can duplicate what waker has done and thats why every company that has tried has discontinued that mower. Exmark is the only company that still makes a walker style mower. I asked my dealer last week how that mower compared to the walker, his response was "dont ever buy one because they suck and the parts are twice as much". The blowers are $400 for the walkers and $850 for the navigators.
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