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Originally Posted by Lazer Cut View Post
whats pretty cool about my cell phone number is the last 4 of it spells LAWN (5296)... it took me awhile to get the number and have it ported to verizon but still to this day my phone number is xxx-xxx-LAWN (5296) so that's how i advertised and man my customers love it because the first 3 numbers are super easy to remember...

and on my cheapo ads i just put my number in bold at the bottom and my email address is all...

few close family members live in 600k-1.5mill neighborhoods and when i advertised in there i used the same method... my fliers got me more phone calls... now my phone did ring ring ring... whether i landed the deal or not was a different story but im pretty good closer... when i worked at a car dealership i had one of the highest close rates so all i wanted and needed was to be in person with someone and let the hope to god i can close this sale begin!

I believe in having something that works for you my ad went like this

Lazer Cut Lawn & Landscape

*Bed Maintenance
*few other services

Phone number

coupon at the bottom about the free mow like i discussed before...

but even on my post cards it said ask me how to get a free service.
That's awesome! I like the number LAWN. I might check and see if that number is available where I am at, and I'm gonna try to do the method of advertising that you're talking about.

I gotta say it's really strange but I totally believe you, just kind of shocked but that's great.
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