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Originally Posted by Lazer Cut View Post
I have the opportunity to buy 2 different trucks... but I'm at a battle with myself right now..

$2500-3000 budget mind you...

1st truck

2004 F-150 stx 117k miles $2500
-- Good condition... v8 auto... regular cab short bed... silver... over drive is out is the only problem with it but with it off there's no problems... bought it new with 11 miles on it so i know where its been etc... It's my dads but him and I don't really get along and don't know if buying his truck would just add more fuel to the fire... or should i just stick it out manage with a few words here or there and get it.

2nd truck

2002 Ford f150 xlt 230k miles $1900

-- Good condition, v8, 5 speed manual, long bed... white. owned by a mechanics shop that was used as a parts delivery truck... good condition newer tires and clutch... nothing known mechnaically wrong with it.

these are the only two trucks i like for right now but can't decide whether to bite the bullet risk even more damage to my relationship with my dad or say to hell with it and but it anyways or but the other guys truck...

now side note... my dad has been offered $4k numerous times by a guy at his work but he has not sold it yet... so i don't know if he's 100% serious... he says he is but people with fathers like mine know how they act and what they say are 2 different things...

i currently drive a 06 honda civic that i have sold for what i owe... and i have $2500-3000 to spend on a truck...

help me
Well I have to ask are you planning on hooking up a plow to this in the future? If so plowing with a manual might be a pain. Plus your Dad's truck has less miles (about half of the other truck) so that might be an added bonus to the situation.
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