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Originally Posted by INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting View Post
Your comments on retrofit LED lamps are so very out of date, so 2008. You really should get up to speed on this stuff before you trash it out outright. I have been 100% LED lamps for both new installations and retrofits for over 4 Years now. Not by fluke either... I developed the line of LED lamps now branded as Illumicare and know a thing or 3 about this stuff.
I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree. I've seen good evidence about how hot a LV light fixture can get inside with an LED lamp inside of it and how that drastically decreases the expected lifespan. Also, it's obvious when you look at the warranty given on different products as well. Many companies who sell fully integrated LED fixtures are able to offer a 10-year, 15-year or even in one case a lifetime warranty on their fixture and lamp. It makes sense that they are able to do this because they've designed the fixture around the lamp - to account for heat control, make sure the light fixture controls moisture and/or is waterproof, etc. They've been able to manufacture in controls that they know will keep the LED so protected that it will be able to get it's full lifespan.

But then you compare that to LED lamp manufacturers who are only willing to warranty their lamp for 1-3 years (or 5 years in one case) . It's not only easy to understand why (via testing & engineering) but also because they know that their LED lamp may not be going into a fixture that is able handle the heat dissipation, keep moisture out sufficiently for 10+ years, etc. The warranty these companies offer really confirms this.

If you're saying that dropping in an LED lamp into just some old landscape lighting fixture is just as good as installing an fixture that was totally engineered and designed around LEDs is the same thing - I'd have to say it is you who is a little out of touch. But maybe rather than fighting about that, it's just better to agree to disagree.
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