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Originally Posted by newguy123 View Post
Well I have to ask are you planning on hooking up a plow to this in the future? If so plowing with a manual might be a pain. Plus your Dad's truck has less miles (about half of the other truck) so that might be an added bonus to the situation.

Nah, both are 2x4's so i'm not worried about a plow for now... maybe if i stepped it up to a 3/4 ton later on...

yea that's my gut too but dealing with him is a pain in the arse and we havn't gotten along for a few years now. Some how when i was visiting my grandma (his mom) few weekends ago i was telling her i was looking at trucks again and she told my dad, but dealing with him is worse than getting dental work lol. he's a pain and we don't get a long at all so i tried to avoid his situation but it's an awesome deal if he will go through with it

I'm worried im going to sell my honda saturday... go over there sunday to pick up the truck and him back out- i've been talking to him and hes sure he wants to sell it but theres something off i just can't place it. that feeling you get when something goes wrong... that's how i am now... don't know if im thinking to hard into it or not
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