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Alot of times, the lawn man is just overwhelmed, and the customer gets impatient. The lawn guy probably figures that if this customer can't understand a crisis, maybe i should ditch them. I've been on both sides. I showed up to a long time customer after a storm, and some teenager with a push mower was out there. I thought about calling her, but what's the damn point. I told one lady that i waited a month, and if you can't give me a couple of days to sort things out, maybe you need to get someone else. There was a big long silence. Today i did my sister's yard. She took it over and has been saying that it was easy; that's because she didn't edge, and had 3 feet of gum leaves in her beds. I tried to hide my anger, but she saw it, and gave me an extra 25. I think i'm at the point where if it is not scheduled before thanksgiving week, i'm not even going to consider it. Not interested in getting jerked around like that.
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